Working Group 2
Rebuilding the mobile core network to let operators innovate again

What are we about?

We in Working Group Two want to give mobile operators the innovation capacity of Internet players. We work to provide the following advantages to mobile operators

  1. Getting mobile core networks to work across radio networks and geographies
  2. Making the mobile core network open, accessible and programmable for developers, operators and end-users
  3. Making it easy and affordable to start and operate a mobile core network
  4. Share improvements to the platform and ecosystem among all participants on the platform

We seek to achieve these benefits by through

  1. Rebuilding mobile telco the “Internet way”
  2. Building cloud-native infrastructure, and leveraging cloud providers
  3. Opening up previously unexposed network capabilities
  4. Building the foundation for a product ecosystem

We focus on making a difference for both operators and end-users. When we succeed in our mission, operators on our platform have more satisfied customers that use their mobile connectivity in new and meaningful ways.

Watch a short video explaining the concept

If this video left you with a lot of questions, please head over to our FAQ page.

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