Break free!

The future of mobile core eliminates your business constraints and lets you grow

A modern and scalable core for operators

Radically simple, modern and programmable core networks to drive innovation and growth.

CKH IOD selects Working Group Two for public cloud core network

As an industry-first, CKH IOD migrates its core network to the cloud – delivered as a fully managed software-as-a-service by Working Group Two and deployed on AWS.

Hybrid networks

Provide one user experience across your private and public networks.

Greenfield operators

A radical new approach to standing up new MNOs. Simple, scalable, affordable.

Adjacent cores for operators

Helping your operator grow into new areas through a simple and innovative core as-a-service.

A simple and powerful core for private networks

Giving you carrier grade functionality and operations scaled down to private networks.

A modern mobile core

No more boxes, no more end of life, no large upfront investments. With the Working Group Two cloud native mobile core we offer continuous innovation, continuous development, scalability and flexibility. And to make it really simple for operators – delivered as managed SaaS.


Our vision for mobile networks


Operators and their end users deserve mobile networks that allow for a rich ecosystem of valuable products to be built for their end users. 

To make this a reality we create programmable mobile core networks, built as a platform, API’ed and delivered as-a-service. 

Finally, we create the marketplaces where operators, developers and end-users can meet and interact. 

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Product innovation through
our product ecosystem


Are you looking for a differentiator? A competitive edge?


On top of our virtualized Mobile Core we have created a product

ecosystem that scales across operators.


The Product Ecosystem makes it possible to do product

innovation and also get access to the growing number of

products and services from 3rd party developers that join the



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