About Working Group Two

Working Group Two (also known as “Working Group 2”, “wgtwo” and “wg2”) is here to change the telecom industry, and to do so we need more great people. Our ambition is to make your mobile subscription much more useful and relevant than it is today. We need to make mobile operators work the “Internet way”. This includes promoting a platform logic, taking control of the technology, enabling rapid iterations and focusing on the end-user experience.

Our strategy is to make the mobile core network programmable and accessible for third parties. At the heart of our effort is building a mobile core network, delivered as-a-service. We then enable this network to run across different radio networks. Finally, we expose core network functionality through APIs to third parties. The logic is not unlike that of operating systems in the smartphone world: A homogeneous software layer on top of heterogeneous hardware to enable a platform of innovative products and services.

We have offices in Stockholm and Oslo, and a hub in Trondheim. We offer competitive compensation packages, and the opportunity to take part in the upside of the company. We are a mix between a start-up and a traditional company. We sometimes refer to it as a “start-up for grown-ups”, a naming that hints to how seriously we take our responsibilities. Our end-users rely on our services to manage their every-day lives.

We have come together to change one of the world’s largest industries. It will require massive effort, inspired choices and taking calculated risk. We find inspiration in our differences. We believe that bright people, strong commitment and long-term perspective can achieve great things.

Our investors and partnerships

Working Group Two is owned approximately 5% by the board and employees, with the remaining stakes held in equal proportion by Telenor and Digital Alpha LLP.

Cisco is partner to the company and contributes with technology, products and customer discussions.



Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with customers in 13 markets across Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe, and Asia. Connecting the world has been Telenor’s domain for more than 160 years, and they are driven by a singular vision: To empower societies.



Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Cisco's people, products, and partners help society securely connect and seize tomorrow's digital opportunity today.

Digital Alpha

Digital Alpha

Digital Alpha is an investment firm with a strategic collaboration agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc, and has preferred access to Cisco’s pipeline of commercial opportunities requiring equity financing. Digital Alpha believes that it's the first fund focused on making private equity investments in the growth opportunities required to underpin the Digital Economy, including next generation networks, smart cities, and enterprise communication solutions.

Our history

In the mid-80s a small band of Norwegian scientists challenged European tech giants in defining the modulation, coding and access systems for what would later be known as the GSM standard.

The standards body wanted to accelerate progress and chose to arrange a competition to force a decision. During test drives in Paris, whoever had the best solution would win become the standard. It was a daunting task. In Europe the big technology companies were effectively national champions, and invested vast resources. The few engineers in Norway had few of these resources, but they understood the technology challenge at hand, were willing to think out of the box and had operational closeness.

The scope of their efforts were defined under Working Group Two.

We find inspiration in their story, and believe that with bright people, a willingness to bet on new technologies, commitment and a willingness to invest for the long-term you can achieve great things.

We started our project inside an operator, but we are now a separate and independent legal entity.

The company has offices in Oslo and Stockholm, with a hub in Trondheim. The team consists mainly of software engineers, some telco engineers and a few other people to herd the flock.

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