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Hacking dark themes with CSS blend modes

CSS frontend design

Like many other companies, Working Group Two has a number of applications which are only available internally or to partners. Our UI designer (that’s me) prefers light backgrounds with dark text, but one of our partners have wanted a dark theme for one of our applications for some time. We haven’... Read more →

Time to set the engineer in charge of the recruitment process

hiring diversity culture

Recruiting Software Engineers is a challenge. The current market is dictated by engineers who can pick and choose between different employers. How often does a candidate leave a process due to it taking too long, or that they don’t have time to complete a coding challenge, or that they meet non i... Read more →

What are your weekend plans?

culture diversity

Open communication as a tool to break down barriers Do you know what your coworkers are doing this weekend, and should you know? Do you share your day, evening, and weekend plans in your work calendar or to your colleagues? From my experience, having an open work calendar and sharing personal in... Read more →

Redesigning our website

design culture frontend

Being a young startup (founded in 2017), we have a very agile approach to most things. Last year we realized we should have a new website for Mobile World Congress 2018, and we had about three days to create it. It didn’t turn out perfect, but it sort of communicated what we do and why people sho... Read more →

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