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This is where we share our insights, ideas and ways of doing things.

Kafka Timers

A timer is a cornerstone of any software that communicates over the network. There are plenty of implementations that provide a timer facility.

Forbidden lore: hacking DNS routing for k8s

Improving the registry solution by implementing Harbor

October 2020 Virtual Hackdays

Hackdays are a great way for everyone in the company to work together in creating new innovative solutions for every day problems.

Towards observability nirvana: infinite metric retention with Thanos

How we use Thanos to obtain a higher metric retention and higher reliability.

What the heck is a short message?

Disclaimer: Telco stuff is hard.

A new hope for products in telecom

Anyone who has created a product and brought it to market more than once will tell you that it is hard

Building software for a telecom core network

Enabling operators and third parties to build products and services for the “core network” of the telecom stack

Choosing an Erlang formatter

We like when the code is uniform, because it makes it easier to focus on the business logic.

VoWifi leaking IMSI

Voice over Wifi can have security implications.

We killed the butler: Replacing Jenkins with Concourse

Hacking dark themes with CSS blend modes

Like many other companies, Working Group Two has a number of applications which are only available internally or to partners.