We bring innovation back to the core

Greenfield operators

Mobile network operators are often overwhelmed by the complexity of getting even the basic services to work at an affordable cost.

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Hybrid networks

Create simple networks with national roaming and your own network coverage

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Small operators

By offering a pre-integrated solution we remove enormous amounts of complexity related to integration, configuration, and testing.

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A core for your private network

Private networks offer enterprises a way to keep their data protected, and also a promise of superior connectivity.

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Setting up an adjacent core

Mobile Network Operators face the challenge of scalability on a daily basis – our core can help.

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Creating a modern, scalable core

Our mission is to make networks open, programmable, and accessible

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Simple and innovative for MVNx´

Providing MVNx a powerful and simple core that gives you the ability to differentiate in the marketplace

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Break free

Complexity hinders innovations for mobile operators. We want to make things easier.

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