Our primary customers are mobile operators. Our mission is to improve the user experience of their subscribers, as well as making it more affordable and easier to run a core network for the operator.

Our platform includes the functionality of the HLR/HSS, the G-MSC, the functionality of the IMS stack, the SMSC and MMSC and the PGW. In other words, we offer the elements that give access to control and user plane necessary for innovation.

concept-sketch Created with Sketch. HLR/HSS G-MSC VoLTE/VoWiFi SMSC/MMSC PGW API API API Different operators

We make the mobile core network programmable for operators, developers and end-users. Our aim is for an eco-system of partners to make mobile connectivity much more useful. One of the innovations embedded in the platform is WebRTC. As it is fully integrated into the platform, we enable handovers between GSM and WebRTC end-points seamlessly.

The core network is deployed multi-tenancy from the public cloud. We will usually deploy the packet gateway locally.

We work with our customers to select and integrate with the host mobile network, as well as interconnectivity, connectivity, roaming, billing and other partners. We deliver the mobile core network as-a-service, and integrate with partners for the remaining services.

We do not own the end-users, and we do not handle the wholesale capacity agreements.

Our business model is based on

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