Up until now, all mobile subscriptions have been the same.

Going forward, this is going to change. Telecom operators on the WGTWO platform will be able to offer a much richer user experience to their customers – and even let them configure their own subscriptions giving them the freedom to add the products that meet their needs.

With the WGTWO Developer Portal and APIs, developers will build and launch their great products on the WGTWO platform that will delight both you and your customers.

Any operator can launch these great products without using any technical or project resources – a huge savings for you. Just use our self-service Operator Console to add the products that will bring value to your business. Want to learn more, or see a live demo? Talk to us here!

Become a developer

Register as a developer on the WGTWO Developer Portal to build products leveraging core network events and media streams. Once your product is submitted it can be distributed across all operators on our platform and monetised without you having to do any additional work.

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Make your operator stand out

The WGTWO Product Ecosystem is a turn key solution that let telecom operators harness the innovation capacity of developers and companies from around the world.

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Why subscribers like products

Your subscribers will enjoy a much richer set of features – and be able to configure their own subscription by adding products according to their needs.

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Add a new layer to your service

Are you looking for a differentiator? A competitive edge? On top of our virtualized Mobile Core, we have created a product ecosystem that scales across operators.

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