Add a new layer to your service

Are you looking for a differentiator? A competitive edge? On top of our virtualized Mobile Core, we have created a product ecosystem that scales across operators.

The Product Ecosystem makes it possible for you to do product innovation and also get access to the growing number of products and services from 3rd party developers that join the platform. All products are available and ready to get launched, monetized, and supported at the click of a button. Evolution in Telecom has been scarce since the advent of SMS almost 30 years ago. This is something we want to change – and we have already put this to the test!

We believe the WGTWO product ecosystem gives a concrete competitive advantage.

Subscribers who like a product only you can offer will be retained for longer, and others will join just to get access to the products. Some products are free, while others cost and will increase your ARPU.

Developers can build products leveraging the core network accessed through our APIs. All products work for all our operators, and ready to get launched, monetized, and supported at the click of a button.

For B2C-oriented businesses, the WGTWO Product Ecosystem will add increased perceived value and differentiation to your B2C customers and be an important retention tool and also contribute to lower acquisition costs. The competition will not be on price only. Having a sound product offering that can be bundled and that add value to the end-user is vital to withstand an aggressive price focus

The B2B segment often has an identified need for products that will support operations. The B2B segment also has a willingness to pay for the products and services offered. Hence a well-tuned product offering will give you an edge to acquire B2B customers.

Want to learn more?

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