Our technology

The Working Group Two core is a mobile core implemented with a web-scale approach. The core has been rebuilt to be secure, scalable, flexible, and programmable. We have made choices that radically simplify development, integration, deployment and operations of the core, and pass these benefits on to our customers.

Our core has multi-G support in that it offers a full MNO core for 4G and 5G, as well as a full MVNO functionality for 2G/3G. This allows operators to build full modern 4G/5G core networks while leveraging national roaming for 2G/3G where necessary. Our core offers the full set of capabilities related to authentication and provisioning, voice, messaging, and data services.

Our core is continuously evolving. We improve security, scalability, redundancy, features, and integrations every day. Leveraging a modern DevSecOps approach you get a continuously improving core network.

That means that by choosing Working Group Two you are getting a future proof network both in terms of “G´s” and in terms of functionality. This core network doesn’t go out of date like so much hardware and traditional license approach can do.

Hyper-scalers are able to serve the biggest enterprises as well as the smallest start-ups. There is no reason the same cannot be done for mobile operators. By taking an API first approach, we have built a MNO grade mobile core with rich functionality that can also scale down to private networks and small operators.

By partnering with with Working Group Two, you gain

  • Operational simplicity: Operators get the services in a managed SaaS model. This implies that we take care of operations, 24/7, upgrades, tickets, moving the operator to the next generation of technology  and more.
  • Architectural simplicity: The core is built with inspiration from hyperscalers and modern technology companies. We terminate teleco complexity at the edge of the network, which drives simplicity and efficiency on the inside of the network.
  • Financial simplicity: A set-up fee and a SIM fee. Those two elements generally cover our main agreement. We aim for a simple and transparent price annex.
  • Affordability: The choice of operating model, architecture and technology drive radical cost savings that are passed on to our customers.
  • Faster and lower risk delivery: Through pre-integrating all the various functions and nodes, we reduce cost, complexity and time involved in integration and deployment.
  • Innovation: The next “G” in telecom is always significant, but it doesn’t allow one operator to stand out from the rest. We provide operators the ability to do micro-innovation at scale, allowing the launch of many products to fit many segments.

You can find the available high-level nodes and functionalities that Working Group Two provides below. Certain elements are in development, but are on roadmap to be available in Q2/Q3 2021. Additional elements and functionality can be agreed with individual partners. For simplicity, we have only listed main elements.


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